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EsperantiloTM - Translation Memory program for translators

EspernatiloTM is a program for translators, which facilitates the translation of papers by using translation memory. The program supports many formats as HTML, OpenOffice, XML, MS Word (partly) and can use exchange formats TMX and XLIFF. EsperantiloTM runs on Windows and Linux, is easily installable and offers an easy and rich user interface. It is a free program according to GPL a license.
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Features of the program

EsperantiloTM is split off of program Esperantilo. The program Esperantilo is programmed for Esperantists first. It contains dictionaries, machine translation from Esperanto language and grammar checker. EsperantiloTM contains only one this part of program Esperantilo, which is interesting for translators of any language pair. EsperantiloTM is smaller and easier for use. Esperantilo is a free program according to GPL a license.

State of the project and plans

The base of a project is yet several years old and well proved but translation memory is not often used by users of Esperantilo. Please test first, if the program can save correctly your documents and create the target document. Esperantilo is still in development and it certainly contains many bugs and needs improvements. The project needs users and their comments. The program contains a powerful bug tracking system (See the menu: Help->Report a bug). I hope, that Esperantilo can help by translation of free programs and is an interesting alternative for users of translation memories. I need feedback of profesional translators and help of English native speaker to improve English documentation. I want to improve the program too. I plan to improve user interface and improve support of TMX and XLIFF formats.

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